Italy Papal States coins Silver Piastra minted in 1689.

Papal States Piastra Large Silver coin
Papal States, Sede Vacante. Large Silver Piastra coin
Italy - Coins of the Papal States, Sede Vacante. Large Silver Piastra minted in 1689.

Obverse: Umbrella and crossed keys above arms of Cardinal Paluzzo Altieri, who was acting as office holder during the Sede Vacante.

Reverse: Dove (the Holy Spirit), surrounded by light. Papal legate´s arms splitting legend (RO-MA) below.
Translated: "[God] send your spirit"

Mint Place: Rome (Papal State)
Mint date: 1689 (MDCLXXXIX)
Denomination: Scudo of 80 Bolognini (Piastra)
Reference: Davenport 4098, Muntoni 3, Berban 2159, KM-497.
Weight: 31.89 gm
Diameter: 44 mm

Sede vacante is an expression, used in the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church, that refers to the vacancy of the episcopal see (the official seat of a bishop) of a particular church. It is Latin for "the seat being vacant" (the ablative absolute to sedes vacans "vacant seat"), that is, the cathedra of the particular church.

Holy Spirit is a term introduced in the Hebrew Bible, though understood differently in the main Abrahamic religions.