New Zealand banknotes 100 Dollars note, Queen Elizabeth II.

New Zealand currency 100 Dollars banknote Queen Elizabeth II
100 New Zealand Dollars
money New Zealand currency 100 Dollars
100 New Zealand Dollars banknote

New Zealand one hundred-dollar note

Reserve Bank of New Zealand 100 Dollars Banknote - Decimal Currency
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The New Zealand dollar NZD is the currency of New Zealand.

Obverse: Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II wearing Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik tiara, King George's VI festoon necklace, and Queen Mary's floret earrings.
Various geometric patterns used to supply the necessary security and enhance the design. Value of note on top left and bottom right corners with the serial number opposite.
Reverse: Takahe (Porphyrio mantelli), a very rare flightless bird found in the Southwest of the South Island.
Mountain daisy or pekapeka (Celmisia gracilenta) is found in sub-alpine areas and has a white flower. It is a popular subject for outdoor sketches.

Window watermark panel containing portrait of Captain Cook.